Hengqin Life Hengqin Marathon was awarded the bronze medal by Chinese Athletics Association

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On October 9, the official website of the Chinese Athletics Association (CAA) announced the evaluation results of the 2019 Chinese Marathon level events and featured events. The CAA awarded 118 gold MEDALS, 74 silver MEDALS and 82 bronze MEDALS in the 2019 Chinese Marathon level events. In addition, many other events won the honor of featured events.Hengqin Life Hengqin Marathon won two titles, bronze medal race and the most beautiful race track race respectively.

The certification of Chinese Athletics Association (CAA) is the highest certification for marathon events in China. In order to strengthen the management and supervision of marathon events and regulate the healthy development of marathon sports, CAA evaluates the race course selection, event organization, publicity and marketing, cultural display and other details during the selection process.

Launched in 2018, Hengqin Marathon is one of the most distinctive marathon events in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.Held in Hengqin International Leisure tourism Island, it is a characteristic marathon around the island full of island style.The Hengqin Marathon filled the gap of zhuhai 'full marathon'.In 2018, Qinma started from the A1 level competition awarded by The Chinese Athletics Association. After two years of efforts, Qinma has been comprehensively improved in the event scale, experience and service, urban culture promotion and other details, and finally won the bronze medal in 2019.

2019 tournament starting point show hengqin new area located in the financial industry development blueprint and achievements of hengqin financial industry service base, via hengqin port business circle, day river cross-strait cooperation in the, way of traditional Chinese medicine industrial park, star park, flowers promenade, wetland, hengqin bridge, wisdom mans state island and hengqin characteristic extremely the landmarks and attractions.Along the route, the natural ecological landscape and cultural landscape of 'Hengqin International Leisure tourism Island' are not only displayed to the outside world in an all-round way, but also the achievements of hengqin's rapid development are conveyed to the outside world.Hengqin Marathon won the honor of 'the most beautiful Track' in this competition.

In addition to the increasing hard power and beautiful track, Hengqin Marathon is also cooperating with Macao to create the concept of sports + tourism.Among the 10,000 runners in 2019, many runners from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao greater Bay Area cities gathered, especially from Macao came to participate in the grand event. Hengqin Marathon provides a new platform for the joint development and exchange between Zhuhai and Macao, as well as the promotion of Hengqin to build an international leisure tourism island.

In 2020, the Hengqin Life Hengqin Marathon Organizing Committee will continue to optimize and develop new adjacent series of events.In May, the Protection of Chinese white dolphins online public welfare run, to warm up for 'Qinma';Matures it is understood that in order to cooperate with zhuhai city hardware development, and increasingly strong run atmosphere, the event will launch in October, zhuhai is the most beautiful track and five good running routes selection, route covering China area, a typical route containing couples road, hengqin day mu river, xiang shan lake wetland park park, wild elephant island, the gate and distinctive city landmarks and leisure center.This move is intended to create a stronger atmosphere for road running, to show the beautiful human and natural environment of Zhuhai, and to create a better urban leisure life.Meanwhile, the information of hengqin Life Hengqin Marathon in 2020 will be released soon.