Top 10 running routes in Zhuhai are announced

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On October 30, 'sentiment on the track, and civilized city - zhuhai top ten best running routes selection results, jinwan district in jinwan road, xiangzhou district has injected xiangshan park lake, wild elephant island, hengqin day mu river, doumen huang Yang river, q Macao island in the zone, gaolan PingTang river, mountains east island, jinwan district kuanyinshan wetland park at the gate and jinwan district country parks and other 10 distinctive and typical line stand out in the numerous' participants '.

The selection was jointly initiated by Zhuhai Sports Industry Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China, Zhuhai Sports Federation, Hengqin Marathon Organizing Committee and Huafa Sports. After online voting and expert evaluation, the top 10 routes were selected from the 24 typical road routes in Zhuhai.

During the 10-day online voting process, nearly 400,000 people participated in the voting and the total number of votes exceeded 100,000.With the active participation of sports administrative departments, associations, running teams and citizens of all districts, the brand effect of 'Top ten Running Routes in Zhuhai' has been created.

On October 26, expert evaluation, including leadership, by the competent department of zhuhai sports district representative of the administrative department for physical culture and sports, track and field association zhuhai, a veteran runners, 12 experts according to the surrounding environment, motion track matching degree, popularity, health security, spiritual and cultural connotation in five aspects, the article 24 candidates track to conduct a comprehensive inspection and comprehensive score.Finally, the running route selected reflects the spirit and health pursuit of Zhuhai people with natural scenery and cultural heritage.

Among the 'Ten Best Running routes', there is the Wild Cat Island, a 'cultural landmark' showing the charm of Zhuhai;Jinwan Road with humanistic connotation and beautiful natural scenery;There are built in front of the citizens xiangshan Lake Park greenway;The dongao Island Ring Road with the most beautiful sea view covers all districts of Zhuhai, which can meet the different types and different ways of fitness needs of citizens.

It is reported that Zhuhai Sports Federation and Huafa Sports will carry out a series of activities combining sports, tourism and culture around the top 10 running routes in Zhuhai, and hold 'Top 10 Off-track running Activities in Zhuhai', 'National Fitness Activities' and so on.Through these series of activities, the general public will be further encouraged to participate in sports, keep fit, feel the beautiful cultural and natural environment of Zhuhai, spread more healthy and positive energy, and promote the high-quality integrated development of 'sports + culture + tourism' in Zhuhai.